Anti-ageing skincare does not stop at your face

Do not forget your neck and chest!

Sunbathing with inadequate protection or none at all causes pigment spots, wrinkles and rough skin. This is particularly visible on your neck and upper chest. These areas are often given less attention than the face but they are frequently exposed to the sun. Include these areas in your skincare routine.

No special creams required

Skin that is regularly exposed (unprotected) to the sun is vulnerable. So make sure you also protect your neck and chest properly. These parts of the skin need the same antioxidant and restorative ingredients as your face, but you don’t have to buy a special neck or chest cream that may prove expensive. If you want to treat a specific skin problem, such as spots, a rosacea-prone or (very) dry skin, you can consider adding a more targeted product to your skincare routine.

To see lasting results, use the skincare routine you use for your face for your neck and chest too. If you don’t want to do that, then make sure you at least use a separate sunscreen with broad-spectrum sun protection and apply it liberally to your neck and chest.

Sun damage?

If you have sun damage to your neck or chest, for example brown pigment spots, then why not try Resist Skin Brightening Treatment and always apply a cream with broad-spectrum sun protection (at least SPF 30) during the day to prevent any further damage. On top of that, use an anti-ageing night cream on your neck and chest, e.g. Resist Retinol Smoothing Body Treatment or the Radiance Renewal Mask.

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